Why Marketers Can’t “Rock” Social Media in 30 Minutes a Day


I recently stumbled upon the article and infographic “How to Rock Social Media in 30 Minutes a Day” on the industry news site Social Media Today. The article explains how in just 30 minutes a day your brand can have a 6-channel social media strategy. To quote the article, “Sound too good to be true?”

Well, yes actually, so consider this my rebuttal.

How to "Rock" Social Media

How to Actually “Rock” Social Media

The truth is, you can do social media in 30 minutes a day. But unlike the article states, you certainly won’t be “rocking” it. If you truly want to do great social, it takes hard work, careful attention and dare I say it—time.

According to the article, this is how you can “rock” twitter in just 10 minutes a day:

 Allocate approximately 10 minutes a day to Twitter for responding to any brand mentions and retweets, scheduling new messages, and share content of industry influencers.

It breaks down Facebook (6 minutes), LinkedIn (6 Minutes), Pinterest (4 minutes), Google+ (2 minutes) and Instagram (2 minutes) in similar ways.

The problem with these time allocations is that the article is overlooking many of the tasks that go into doing social well.

So here are my suggestions on how you can actually “rock” social:

  1. Content 

    The key component this article overlooks is the importance of sharing great content. If you’re hastily responding to fans’ messages, writing and scheduling posts and finding outside content to share, chances are it’s probably not great content. And people don’t want to engage with subpar content.

    Producing great content takes time, but it will also pay off when your fans are engaging with it and sharing it across their networks. This means carefully crafting your posts, responding to messages thoughtfully and taking extra time to find exceptional content you can share with your followers.

  2. Activation 

    Just because your brand is on social doesn’t mean your potential customers know it is there. You have to activate your audience through advertising, outreach and promotions. And managing these tasks takes time. Promote your brand’s new pages with pay per click advertising, partner with bloggers and other influencers to help promote your content or host a contest to engage your audience and build your following.

  3. Research & Monitoring 

    Social doesn’t stop when you click off the page. People are constantly engaging and sharing content on social platforms, and it is important to understand what type of content resonates with your audience. Track how your social posts perform to see what content is driving the most engagement for your brand. Keep tabs on how your audience is using social and what is going on in the world around you. Social media happens in real time. If you can capitalize on recent events that tie in with your brand it only increases your value to your audience.

It’s important to understand that you can’t just dip your feet into social and expect results. If you’re only going to allocate 30 minutes a day to your brands social presence you’re probably better off with no presence at all. However, if you’re willing to put in the time and work it takes to do great social you’ll see the benefits that an engaging social presence can have for your brand.

4 thoughts on “Why Marketers Can’t “Rock” Social Media in 30 Minutes a Day

  1. Thanks Jack for telling it like it is. For a long time i was hard on myself because I could not “Rock” anything in spite of dedicating an hour or two a day. It is annoying to get 10 notifications in a row from someone who just spent 30 min. sharing (through Google+) the first 10 articles the came across during their 30 min. regimen. Chances are I already read the same stuff or what they are sharing is not of any value to me or anyone else. I have finally come to realize that I am not “having a hard time” in establishing my Brand’s social footprint, I am doing what it takes – 10 to 20 hours a day. You can of coarse create an impression on the social community in 30 min. a day, but it will be an annoying one. today I read an article about Social Media, then I saw a comment from you. I then read your comment and clicked over to your article. After being inspired by your candid and like minded opinion, I wrote this reply. Time spent: 32 minutes. My ROI = one possible networking connection and maybe a back-link. Only 19 1/2 more hours left in today’s effort to “Rock” anything I can. – Moneymakerspy

    • Thanks for commenting Shane. I think your points back up many things I wrote in my post. Social Media Marketing is hard work and it takes time, but if you produce great content and promote it effectively your brand followers will become brand advocates.

  2. Great blog and yes I agree.

    I do believe it is possible to ‘maintain appearances’ in just 30 minutes per day for a small brand – however it is unlikely you will gain referrals or sales from that 30 minutes, because it just won’t be consistent, authentic or of high enough quality.

    I can’t wait for brands to accept the ‘telephone 2.0′ has been invented and they should get one for every department and invest in training people to use it properly.

    • Thanks for reading Robin! I think people overlook social as a tool because they expect it to be easy and are turned off when they don’t get results by putting in minimal effort.

      I also believe the world is going mobile am excited to see social and mobile continue to evolve. You make an interesting point about training employees to be brand advocates.

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