Is Productivity Lacking in Your Office?

There are many reasons why office morale may be down; the economy and client budgets are some of which we cannot control. It’s important to keep the morale up to ensure valuable productivity and a positive environment. Based on my own experiences at various workplaces, I share with you these 3 ways that you can keep your morale up, and your productivity and the productivity of your peers to a maximum.

  1. Recognize the hard work your employees do.  Your team is always working hard to better the company. They want to see success, and a little motivation and reassurance that they’re doing great never hurts. A simple “thank you for your hard work” not only boosts morale, but also reinforces the respect between you and your team.
  2. Seek input.  When your team feels like they’ve helped build the business, they’re likely to feel like they have more at stake in your company. Include your staff in your effort to better the workplace and show them you value their suggestions.
  3. Don’t forget to have fun.  This is simple; no one wants to come into work dreading the next 8+ hours of meetings, presentations, and planning. There are plenty of ways to make sure a little laughter makes it into your environment. Plan a company lunch, outing or team-building event. This could be kept in or near the office, too. Have a 10-minute break to take a walk outside, or create an in-office challenge.

Positive morale is key to increased productivity and a happier environment. If you continuously recognize hard work and value your team, your employees will continue to work hard and seek to better the workplace.


Zig employees enjoying a lunch break stroll on a lovely day


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